About Red Orbit

Not WHAT but WHY

Our work at Red Orbit is not defined by what we do, but by why we do it. We allow ourselves to think differently. We believe that the limits of digital marketing are far from being reached. They are there for one reason only – to be moved. We challenge everything.

HOW do we do it?

Our ability to push the limits of digital marketing and challenging the status quo lies in our deep understanding of digital users’ behavior and in providing our clients with an effective and measurable approach to digital marketing. We measure, we analyze, we optimize. We deliver results.


We love collecting certificates. :)

At this moment, we have 13 certified Google Ads professionals, and 3 certified Google Analytics experts, which ranks us as one of the top digital agencies in the region. Red Orbit is also the only Slovenian agency with a Google Ads Certified Trainer and also the only Slovenian Google Analytics Certified Partner. This gives us access to advanced tools and support from Google.


13 certified Google Ads specialists.

Google Analytics
Certified Partner

The largest team of Google Analytics experts in Adriatic region.


We upgraded our work with the Bing Ads Accredited Professional Program certificate.


Red Orbit's vision has been consistently pursued from the very beginning.

The strong potential, professionalism and excellent business idea have been confirmed by the receipt of awards and recognitions.

  • The Golden Thread Award 2020

    The Golden Thread Award 2020

    The best employer among small businesses in Slovenia

    Winning the Best employer award two years in a row makes us particularly proud. It confirms our status as a world-class team that excels in leadership, team organization, empowerment of the team, adapting to the challenges and delivering results.

  • The Golden Thread Award 2019

    The Golden Thread Award 2019

    The best employer among small businesses in Slovenia

    The Golden Thread Award is a confirmation that creating the best working environment and having a great team is a priority for Red Orbit. The award is based on evaluating the relationship between employees and the company because a good relationship is crucial for great work and success. We strive to provide a positive working environment and to build great relationships through teamwork and knowledge-sharing.

  • Sempl 17

    Winners of SEMPL in the category of “Best Use of Data”

    Red Orbit has wan a Golden SEMPLer award in the category of “Best Use of Data” for optimizing Ads Remarketing campaigns for our client Adria Airways.

  • Digiday Retail Award 2015

    Red Orbit won “Best Use of Data« at the 2015 Digiday Retail Awards

    We worked with consumer electronics retailer Big Bang to maximize their digital marketing performance based on advanced analytics that tracked the consumer decision journey.

  • Slovenia Start-up 2010

    Red Orbit as one of the most promising new businesses.

    In April 2010 Maribor held the 30th PODIM conference. Each year, this conference brings entrepreneurs and business experts from several countries together. At the conference a winner is selected and crowned "most promising new businesses Start-up Slovenia". There were six companies in the final round, including Red Orbit.

  • Best business idea 2009

    Best business idea 2009

    The best business idea in Slovenia.

    The Finance newspaper's jury had to review 28 companies and entrepreneurs competing for the title. Finance chose 10 finalists, among which Red Orbit's business idea stood out the most.


By being a member of both local and international organizations, we want to co-create and contribute to the development of digital marketing.

With memberships in various corporate and specialized organizations, Red Orbit has access to the latest research on digital marketing. All of this allows us to set new trends and provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

Managers' Association of Slovenia

Responsible leadership and professional management lead to collective progress

Being a member of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia, a community of over 1200 Slovenian managers, offers us a valuable position in actively shaping the Slovenian economic environment and improving the reputation of leading and managing functions.

CEED Slovenia

A Global Business Community

Red Orbit is a member of CEED Global Community, an entrepreneurship network, focused on collaboration between businesses and exchange of knowledge and experience for growth and development. The community offers a great opportunity for international growth and expansion of our network in Slovenia and abroad.


Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization

SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) members have access to the latest analyses in the fields of search marketing. For our partners, this means better search engine marketing strategies, and further on better positions in search engines in the shortest time possible and in accordance with the SEO Code of Ethics. SEMPO members are highly effective in the development of campaigns and when optimizing processes.

Technology Park Ljubljana

Organization of and environment for business development

Technology Park Ljubljana motivates, encourages, verifies and assists in the realization of entrepreneurial initiatives with its knowledge and high growth potential. Technology Park Ljubljana only accepts business initiatives that meet the criteria of technological entrepreneurship, and are in line with the Park’s mission: to introduce new technology or a new product or service to the market in the shortest possible time with the optimal investment.


  • 2014

    Red Orbit was the first Slovenian company to become Google Analytics Certified Partner, which strengthens our leading position in digital analytics. In June, Red Orbit organised the Advanced Google Analytics conference. In autumn it was nominated for The Digitals award in the categories „Retail“ and „Data & Digital“ for the establishment of digital analytics for Big Bang.

  • 2013

    All Red Orbit employees obtain the Google Ads certificate, and the company is awarded the status of a Google Partner. The company grows and continues to consolidate its primacy in the field of search engine marketing in Slovenia and is slowly expanding to other countries.

  • 2012

    Red Orbit is the first digital agency in Slovenia to obtain the title of Google Ads Certified Trainer and begins to actively cooperate with Google in workshops, seminars and conferences in Slovenia and across Europe.

  • 2011

    The company keeps growing in both employee numbers and success in business. We are present at all major advertising events in Slovenia (SOF, SEMPL...), our knowledge and experience is shared at the traditional Red Orbit Shake events.

  • 2010

    Red Orbit continues its rapid development and participates in the finals of the Start-Up Slovenia competition. Red Orbit is still the only company in Slovenia to have its own tool for analyzing search engines’ positions.

  • 2009

    Red Orbit is declared the winner of the Best Business Idea of 2009 competition, organized by the Finance newspaper. We also received an award for the best e-business and the e-project of 2009. Red Orbit becomes a full member of Technology Park Ljubljana.

  • 2008

    Red Orbit joins the Primorska Technology Park. In the same year, Red Orbit signs a contract with Najdi.si and becomes the official provider of website optimization for its clients. Red Orbit develops the SEPI 10, 30 and 100 indexes.

  • 2007

    The start of a new business. Red Orbit develops the SEMMS system, the only tool for analyzing web pages and managing search engine marketing campaigns in Slovenia. In autumn, Red Orbit presents the extremely successful SloveniaHolidays project at the SKIM 2007 conference.

  • 2006

    The founders of Red Orbit, Andraz Štalec and Boštjan Hozjan, head to the United States for 7 weeks of training. They visit Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, IBM, Oracle and other giants of Silicon Valley and return to Slovenia brimming with knowledge and new ideas. In the same year, Red Orbit together with international partners develops the SEO Code of Ethics.

  • 2005

    Red Orbit is the first Slovenian company to enter the global market for website optimization. We position the HoaYachting website on the top of global search engines.

  • 2004

    Successful projects lead to the first major clients. Red Orbit undertakes the website design for the Iskra d.d. group.

  • 2001

    Red Orbit is founded and the first web projects are obtained. Red Orbit is a new and promising player in the Slovenian market.


Company’s name: Red Orbit, digitalni marketing, d.o.o.
Address: Stegne 13G, 1000 Ljubljana
Registration number: 6064302000
VAT number: SI72618264
Bank account: SI56 0400 1004 8988 578, at Nova KBM
CEO: Andraž Štalec