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Facebook advertising is one of the most channels for digital marketing campaigns, both to gain brand awareness and increase direct sales of products or services. With more than two billion users, Facebook is an effective tool to build and nurture your relationship with your target buyers and to advertise to a chosen specific public.

Choose the right type of campaign, reach your target audience, set advertising goals, measure conversions, test different creatives and communications, optimize your ad and remarket your website visitors all with Facebook and Instagram advertising. Find out how you can use Facebook’s smart algorithm to reach your goals more effectively and at a lower cost.

Discover which metrics are the most important for optimizing your campaigns. Learn how to create personalized ads to match your users’ affinity and save time on ad creation while skyrocketing your conversion rates. Use remarketing to target the users who didn’t finish their purchase and convince them to come back, while strategically increasing average order value with cross-sells and up-sells.

Read our blog to find great tips for improving your Facebook advertising strategies and get ideas on how to reach new potential buyers.

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