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Google is one of the most popular advertising channels since Google Ads have an immense reach across all users of the internet.

One of the main benefits of advertising with Google Search Ads is user intent – compared to Display advertising, you are offering users on Search exactly what they’re searching for at the moment that they’re searching for it. With the right choice of keywords for each part of the sales funnel, you get the most relevant users to your website. But Google Ads, of course, offer so much more than just Search advertising. You can advertise with banners on the Google Display Network, with videos on YouTube, you can create responsive ads that adapt to each website’s advertising space, you can target users that were browsing your products with dynamic remarketing, create RLSA ads on Search … The possibilities are almost endless. It is your job, however, to find the right fit for your business, to test, analyze and adapt.

To make your job much easier, we are continually posting the newest discoveries, findings, tricks, and tactics developed withing Red Orbit. Read our blog and start creating your own Google Ads to improve your business results!

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