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Google Analytics is one of the most important tools you should use with all your marketing activities, regardless of the fact whether you’re a B2B or B2C company and if you have your own brand or a personal blog … Regardless of what you do, if you have a website, you need Google Analytics.

Before you start doing any kind of promotion or advertising activities, you should make sure that your Google Analytics is working correctly. With correctly tagging your digital campaigns, you can easily establish which channels bring you the most traffic, which campaigns are most successful, and which are a waste of money. With tracking user behavior in Google Analytics, you can start to understand their user experience, behavioral patterns on your website and the checkout process. Only with understanding this data you can start optimizing your website, test different creatives and do experiments which can significantly impact user experience and improve your conversion rate.

Google Analytics data should be the basis of all your business decisions. But make sure that the data you are collecting is accurate and relevant. Inaccurate data or improper interpretation can lead you to make the wrong business decisions. Therefore, follow our findings, advice, and tips regarding web analytics and start measuring and analyzing the right data today!

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