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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks with a wide range of users all over the world, which is why it’s becoming an increasingly popular platform to advertise on. Instagram advertising can work extremely well both for increasing brand awareness and staying top-of-mind with your customers, as well as for direct sales of your goods or services.

You can advertise on Instagram through your Facebook advertising account, but just expanding your Facebook campaigns to Instagram might not be enough to give you results that you’re looking for. Instagram is a completely different platform than Facebook and its users expect a different type of content and have a different aesthetic. And while Instagram advertising is one way of marketing your products or services on this platform, more native and innovative ways of advertising are gaining popularity through Instagram.

Discover how to gain more followers on Instagram, how and what to communicate with your posts, stories and ads, what kind of ads to create, how to use Instagram’s specific format to your advantage, why, when and how to work with influencers and much more. Read our blogs and follow us regularly for fresh posts on this topic.

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