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Posted on Wednesday, 22. February 2017 in category Conferences. 2 min read • Written by

Andraž Štalec

Today, all the information you need is but a swipe of the finger away. But in order to find what is really relevant to your marketing strategies or might have an impact on the growth of your business can be very exhausting. Nobody has time for that.

With that in mind, we’re proud to be hosting some of the most influential digital marketing experts at this year’s inOrbit – one of the biggest digital marketing conferences in Europe this year. Below, we present 5 of the 20+ speakers we’ll be hosting at inOrbit 17:

  1. Larry Kim


I don’t know about you, but I would never turn down all the great tips and hacks that are part of how to be number one on Google search – especially if Larry Kim were presenting them. He is the founder of WordStream, a marketing software company managing roughly a billion dollars in annual ad spend for over 10,000 customers. He won the 2015 Top Search Marketer of the Year award from both the US Search Awards & Search Engine Land.

  1. Yehoshua Coren


Every day you get the numbers from analytics programs, but you don’t know what the next step is, or how to use them properly. That’s why Yehoshua Coren will be there, to help you with all the mistakes you won’t be making again. Yehoshua is the Founder of Analytics Ninja and a master of both Google Analytics implementation and analysis – taking deep dives into GA data to reveal actionable insights.

  1. Liraz Margalit


If you’re living in 2017, then you know who the main focus of digital marketing is. And if you replied with ‘customer’, you is right 😉 Liraz Margalit will explain how to think like a customer and understand one. She’s Head of Behavioural Science at Clicktale, a company that provides customer experience management platforms and consulting. She leads research on consumer behaviour in addition to collaborating between academia and industry. 

  1. Subir Majumdar


If I told you there are more than 8 billion connected mobile devices today, would that make you re-think your marketing strategies? Or how would you feel about your website, if you knew that 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less? Sounds interesting, I know. Subir Majumdar works at Google’s European Headquarters in Dublin, and his goal is to help advertisers create better mobile strategies and meet the demands of today’s Smartphone-first users.

  1. Ashley Friedlein


Ashley is one of the most influential and connected figures in the digital, global marketing, and ecommerce sectors. As one of the 100+ recommendations for him on LinkedIn reads, “If Ashley doesn’t know it – it ain’t worth knowing.”


Not convinced yet? Check the 20 other international speakers and influencers that will cover everything from growth hacking and digital strategies to conversion rate optimization, digital analytics, and customer experience.


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