Careers at Red Orbit - best employer of 2019 and 2020

Innovative, professional, and educational

Red Orbit is more than just a digital agency. We are pushing the boundaries of digital marketing by creating new opportunities, developing new services and products in digital marketing, driving education, and approaching the new market in innovative ways.

We are creating a learning culture, sharing knowledge amongst our team and setting standards in the digital industry by organising education courses for digital experts in companies.


Flexible, open, and entertaining

Our offices are spacious, bright, and modern, to reflect the team who gives them life. But we go beyond, we are present wherever we feel best in the given moment: working from home, visiting our clients, conducting online calls and webinars or sitting on the terrace.

Internally we are organising detailed onboarding boot camps for new colleagues, intense knowledge sharing programs, we have mentoring programs and once a year we revive our knowledge by organising summer boot camps for the whole team.

All team members are always present on all our educational endeavours for the external public, which not only provides us with new knowledge but also ties us to a large community of speakers and trendsetters from all over the world.

We have fun, we make breakfasts and lunches, sit together as a family, organise picnics on our terrace, we are dedicated to teambuilding and organize yearly getaways for the team.


Team of extraordinary individuals

In 2020 and 2019 we were named the best employer in Slovenia in our category (small companies).

Winning the Best employer award two years in a row makes us particularly proud. It confirms our status as a world-class team that excels in leadership, team organization, empowerment of the team, adapting to the challenges and delivering results.

As the best employer of 2020 and 2019, we strive every day for an inspiring work environment and well-being at work. We believe our employees are a key link to success and relationships, so we strive to attract, hire and retain talented people.

Jobs @ Red Orbit


Talents are always welcome


We always welcome openminded, future-oriented and creative people. Diversity drives success!

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