Barcaffé: Moja šalčka (My mug)

Users have created 6,595 unique mug designs.

Barcaffé, the leading brand in the coffee market in Slovenia, uses the Barcaffè Facebook page to further strengthen its bond with consumers. This is achieved via various campaigns and by including the fans of Barcaffè in brand building. Barcaffè wants to bring out the genuine emotions and positive feelings that are hidden in a cup of real coffee.

Unique mug designs
Application visits


What did we wanted to achieve?

The main goal of the My Mug campaign was to reinforce a positive brand association with Barcaffè and to bond with existing users and coffee lovers in general. In addition, we wanted to create a database of existing and potential customers and increase the number of fans on the Barcaffè Facebook page.


What did we do?

To make users become more involved in brand building and create closer ties with the client, we created a simple Facebook application. It was intended for fans and non-fans. The application was available on the Barcaffè Facebook page. Ads were posted on Facebook and Google Network.

Selected by a three-member jury, the best design was rewarded with a limited collection of actual mugs featuring the winning design. The mugs also carried the name and signature of the winning designer. The application was well received amongst users and the rise in the number of interactions with users was significant. The most designs created by a single user was 68. :))

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