Gorenjska banka

Google.si and Najdi.si search engine results have increased, followed by a 620.32% increase in the SEPI 30 index.

Gorenjska Banka’s website had a large amount of visits but only through branded keywords. Non-branded keywords generated a lot less traffic.

Increase in the number of visitors from search engines
Increase in visits due to optimized keywords


What did we wanted to achieve?

The SEPI 30 index, which presents the average positioning of a website on search engines taking the behavioral pattern of users on the search engines into account, showed poor positions for general non-branded keywords.

The chief objective of the website optimization was to achieve best positions for all general keywords associated with the bank and banking services.

Our solution

What did we do?

Given that this website offers a very wide range of banking services, our primary objective was to optimize the website content and improve the indexation. A precise keyword analysis allowed us to identify the key landing pages. We optimized and adapted those landing pages to bring more conversions. We optimized the internal links on the website. In the second part of the search engine optimization, we mainly focused on building inbound links. In this way, we increased the number of keywords leading to the site.

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