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Business growth is essential for the long-term survival of any company and crucial for expanding profits. But generally, business growth is a slow and lengthy process, with high customer acquisition costs. Therefore, growth hacking has become an extremely valuable resource for identifying most effective and efficient ways to grow businesses, acquire more customers and lower the costs of customer acquisition. 


However, growth hacking is not just a marketing activity – marketers, as well as engineers and product managers, are involved in the process of fast experimentation from marketing channels and sales funnels to product development itself. Growth hacking is rapid and agilecreative and fearless, based on constant testing, innovation, and experimentation. While start-up companies are most known for the use of growth hacking since their existence relies highly on rapid growth and effective customer acquisition, more traditional B2B and B2C companies can also greatly benefit from growth hacking.


Read our blogs to discover the difference between mere optimization and actual growth, how product development and a scalable business model essentially contribute to growth and how to drive sales growth by finding the right marketing channels and fearlessly and rapidly executing your ideas. 

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