Google AdWords

Google is the king of information and an essential element in every marketing strategy.

With its constantly expanding range of AdWords products, they enable everyday businesses to target their consumer at the most important touchpoints in their consumer decision journey.

From Search Advertising to Google Display Network and remarketing, Google AdWords offers you a huge variety of targeting methods to reach your audience. But don’t get carried away. Not all Google AdWords products are appropriate for all phases of consumer decision journey.

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Precise targeting

Each touchpoint in consumer decision journey has its own purpose.

It also affects consumers in a different way. The purpose of advertising with Google AdWords is not to get as many clicks as possible at the lowest prices possible, but to reach consumers with the right message on the right channel at the right time.

Focused on performance

Based on the purpose of each touchpoint KPIs are defined.

Afterwards measurement system is established and campaign optimization is performed. Although Google AdWords is a simple tool to use, it requires great experience in digital marketing to develop long-term, sustainable and well performing campaigns. Getting started is the easy part, getting incredible results takes time.

How it’s done?

We take Google AdWords very seriously.

Based on consumer decision journey, we select appropriate channels, targeting methods and define campaign messages. These factors are used to create ads and select landing pages. The final step of campaign preparation includes setting the measurement system to track the results. Following this initial phase ongoing monthly campaign optimization begins, which is responsible for increasing the performance of the campaign. Feel free to contact us for more detailed explanation.

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