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Are you interested in SEO – Search Engine Optimization? Read all about how to make your website as user-friendly as possible, robot-accessible and how to rank #1 on Google!

Organic traffic is still the number one quality source of the traffic to your website, but the competition for organic traffic is becoming tougher each day. Google’s ranking algorithm is becoming smarter with every update (and updates are happening more and more often!), so SEO is becoming an even more complex task than ever. Simple approaches that used to work in the past are not enough to rank #1 on Google anymore. Good SEO has to take into account both technical factors, such as page speed, safety, mobile-friendliness (mobile-first indexing is now becoming mobile-only indexing), structured data and user experience, as well as content, use of keywords, entities, page authority and trustworthiness, backlinks etc. You can rank well with a technically optimized site, but that’s not enough to bring relevant users to your webpage. Learn how to improve your CTR to gain your target potential buyers and increase your organic revenue!

Follow our findings and tips regarding SEO and start preparing your SEO Strategy which will help you rank higher on Google!

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