Facebook advertising

With over 1 billion users and more than 23 billion minutes spent on Facebook every day, Facebook advertising can hardly be ignored.

Many are skeptical about Facebook being effectively used as an advertising platform. It’s not an ideal marketing tool, especially if you only focus on clicks, but it has its benefits.

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Build your brand preference

Selling products is not the main goal of Facebook advertising.

Your goal should be to teach and inform consumers about the use and benefits of your product. Exposing a product or brand to consumers can generate awareness. Taking consumers to a highly relevant landing page can build a preference.

By using advanced targeting, Facebook advertising can be adapted to a specific touch point on the consumer decision journey. Even more effective targeting can be made with Facebook Exchange.

The management of Facebook advertising should not be taken easily. Each step of the campaign must be closely aligned with the consumer decision journey and connected with appropriate KPIs. Request a meeting to explore Facebook Advertising in greater detail.

Facebook users have a different mindset to Google users. Their main goal is to post, share and follow their friends rather than to search for information. They might be in the mood to buy a product, but there is no guarantee of that.

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