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Thursday, 28. November 2019

Advanced Tactics of Targeting Users on Digital Channels

The biggest advantage of online advertising is its accuracy and its diverse targeting capabilities, features and purpose across platforms. Are you really taking advantage of them? Is your advertising really focused on your ideal personas or is it too general?

With a clever use of your customer information and few simple approaches, you can go beyond the classic, pre-defined targeting options offered by individual platforms and build more accurate advertising audiences that are more relevant to your business goals.

Advanced Tactics of Targeting Users on Digital Channels
Event happened on the 11/28/19.

About the event

What will we do?

Webinar is set for anyone involved in digital advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads platforms or for those planning advertising budgets and strategies. It is intended for professionals who actively manage advertising platforms as well as for heads of marketing and digital marketing departments who are responsible for delivering results on those platforms.

About the seminar

What will you learn?

  • How to define your ideal customer with the help of data?
  • What basic information about your customers should you collect?
  • What information about your customers is actually useful online and why classic personas are not enough?
  • Advanced person targeting tactics on the Google Display Network.
  • Advanced persona targeting tactics on YouTube.
  • Advanced person targeting tactics on Facebook.
  • Advanced person targeting tactics on LinkedIn.
  • How to strategically use »Lookalike / Similar audiences« to find the most potential customers?
  • How can you use competition to advertise to high-potential customers?
  • How can you build awareness of your brand on YouTube within a limited persona?
  • How can you build and define your own unique advertising personas on the Google Display Network? 

Where & when


28. November 2019, 00:00 - 00:00