Community management

“Brand butler” aka Why serving is the new selling

The consumer’s view of brands has shifted. Once, brands were selling a lifestyle and a new identity. Nowadays, with the consumer being more pragmatic, convenience-loving and informed, brands should focus on assisting consumers to make the best of their daily lives.

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Build engagement

Social media is not just another form of mass media and should not be treated as one.

Brands should not use social media to market to their consumers using intense interruptions. It’s not even a presence that brands should seek on social media. It is realization of the “brand butler” concept that will bring engagement and results. Brands should focus on building trust, adding value and leveraging permission marketing.

Community management is not just about reaching the most consumers. It’s about creating brand ambassadors and nurturing your established consumer base.

How should it be done?

It’s all about being remarkable.

Every brand should know its purpose and the value it brings to consumers. Based on this, a content marketing strategy is defined and later on serves as a baseline for every step that follows. A remarkable brand can be created by better serving your consumers, measuring each step and optimizing the activities.

If you don’t stand out and serve your consumers, what’s the point of being on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram? If you are hungry for more knowledge, please contact us.

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