The Barcaffè Facebook community has 50% of engaged users.

By starting a Facebook profile, Barcaffè wanted to consolidate the brand’s positive reputation it has earned over the years, and create a long-term bond with consumers. All communication is inspired by the Barcaffè philosophy, as the simple phrase “Za lepši dan” (For a nicer day) indicates. The brand strives for a great everyday life and an improvement in the quality of people's lives.

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What did we wanted to achieve?

Our long-term cooperation with and understanding of this brand enabled us to identify content preferred by users. When communicating with fans, we went a step further and started creating content with fans (web content, events, and charitable campaigns). This kind of content has a positive effect on people throughout the day. The goal we set for ourselves was to build a strong online community that would offer consumers a new support channel for direct communication. The online community has become a responsive and interactive space to promote Barcaffè products and campaigns.

Our solution

What did we do?

From the outset, we have followed the principle of content marketing which favors the user and their desires, and embodies the brand butler concept. Our users have been able to attend free workshops. Our ambassadors and our loyal users frequently get surprises in their mailbox. Ambassadors and loyal users have access to exclusive materials – coffee recipes, entertainment, mind games, etc... – where they find useful information or answers to their questions. Users were happy to co-design a limited collection of Barcaffè Mugs, and were excited to share good thoughts and photos to improve users’ mood throughout the day. The active user participation in the creation of Barcaffè stories was a great success.

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