Barcaffé: Gremo na kavo (Let's go for a coffee)

Communication throughout the whole campaign had a strong emphasis on the value of friendship and the need to preserve and nurture genuine human contact.

Barcaffé, the leading brand in the coffee market, actively entered the realm of social media in May 2011. After breaking the ice with the first campaign in mid-August 2011, Red Orbit took on the first big social media campaign "Let's go for a coffee" for the Barcaffè brand. This campaign mainly took place on the Facebook brand page, but its main message and purpose was to get people to socialize over a cup of coffee in real life.

Community growth in 4 weeks
Increase in fan page activity
Invitations sent


What did we wanted to achieve?

The primary objective and also the driver of the campaign was to reach young people and encourage them to socialize over a cup of coffee in the real world. We wanted to raise awareness of the Barcaffè brand, increase the number of fans on the Barcaffè Facebook fan page and, last but not least, the fans who were actively involved in events on the Facebook page and create an emotional connection between them and the brand.


What did we do?

In order to achieve our goals, we developed a Facebook application that provided users with a platform for sending virtual invitations for coffee into the real world. In order to further encourage users to actually have coffee, we rewarded users with additional points for publishing photographic proof of having had a coffee with a friend. Points were also awarded for the creation of an invitation and for every time an invitation was sent.

In the course of six weeks, fans were eager to create and send invitations, upload photos, and actively participate in the communication on the Facebook Wall. In addition to commenting on and liking posts, users themselves published a variety of content (kind thoughts, images, songs, etc.).

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