MountVacation: SkiBook

By connecting the various platforms, we managed to create a unique application, which is an excellent example of use of the "brand butler" concept.

Mountvacation is Europe's leading portal specialized in holidays in the mountains. Our task was to connect their users and better integrate social networks into its marketing activities. We developed one of the first "social" Facebook applications in Slovenia.

Friendships in the first 3 months


What did we wanted to achieve?

The application's chief objective was to allow users better access to information, ratings and comments on ski slopes in order to make an informed decision on suitable ski resorts for their next ski vacation. We wanted to create an interactive application that would provide a good user experience on all digital channels. At the same time, we wished to enable sharing and commenting between users. This helped build a truly useful database of ski resorts based on the opinions and experiences of actual users.

Our solution

What did we do?

The philosophy behind the SkiBook application was to create content with added value for users. The application forms part of a wider strategy that combines the Facebook social network and the client's website. By collecting data about popular ski activities of users from their Facebook profiles, the content of the website itself could be personalized. Users' activities on Facebook provided us with detailed information regarding their favorite ski resorts, and future plans for ski trips.

The application manages to connect not only different communication channels, but also users and at the same time encourage them to co-create content and become more involved with the brand. The most important part of the process was the acquired content. This content will be linked to the website and brand for years to come.

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