60% lower costs per conversion due to optimization of a Google Ads campaign.

By analyzing the online shopping habits of consumers, we found that the source of 70% of purchases on was search engines. The main sales channel, right next to search engine optimization and Facebook advertising, then became paid search – Google Ads.

Increase in online sales
Drop in costs per conversion in Google Ads


What did we wanted to achieve?

The advantage of search engine marketing is that potential buyers can be captured at the very moment they are looking for our products or services. In addition to a sophisticated campaign, our primary goal was to optimize the keywords in Google Ads, increase sales, reduce the costs per conversion and, of course, to position among the leading brands in this area.

Our solution

What did we do?

We carried out a detailed content analysis and identified the key landing pages, and then regularly reviewed the effectiveness of the keywords and ads. Ads with poor results were promptly updated and new keywords were added where necessary. Conversions were carefully monitored with the help of Google Analytics Ecommerce. We used Google tools and Red Orbit SEMMS, which is used for integrating data and comparing the performance of online stores in search engine results. In this way, we obtained a winning combination for accurately measuring and monitoring the campaign’s results. A key indicator of success was undoubtedly the lower cost per conversion.

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