Website optimization brought 554,975 new visits.

The job portal was launched in May 2010 to facilitate a better flow of information in the labor market and to make it easier to find both short-term and long-term employment. In order to gain greater visibility and increase the number of new users, the client opted for complete optimization of the web portal.

Increase in the number of visits in one year
Increase in visits for selected keywords


What did we wanted to achieve?

Analysis of the search engine results revealed that the web portal had great results for some important keywords, but the search marketing potential was far greater and had to be taken advantage of. The main goal of the website optimization was to increase the number of visits from search engines to the website, and to put the website on the map alongside better known competitors.

Our solution

What did we do?

The primary problem we encountered at the start of the project was how this new website could be positioned alongside a strong and distinctive web portal such as, and

An in-depth technical optimization was followed by a detailed keyword analysis that enabled us to identify the key landing pages. We optimized and adapted those landing pages to bring more conversions. Several months of extensive offsite optimization, which provided excellent search engine results, also dramatically increased the number of visits to the website.

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