10 Things Marketers Need to Know about Mobile-Friendly Chatbots in 2019

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Larry Kim

How long have we been talking about the importance of mobile in our customer journey?

Over half of the time we spend online is using our phones.


Meanwhile, a couple years ago, about half of marketers say they aren’t sure their mobile marketing strategy is effective. (Source)

If a perfect mobile user experience is a unicorn, most marketers are kicking the dirt with the donkeys, looking for a leg up in providing a stellar mobile experience for their customers.

Luckily there’s an answer for marketers who want to all the advantages that mobile can provide minus high development costs and user experience question marks — 

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger marketing.

10 Ways Facebook Messenger Chatbots Are a Mobile-Friendly Lead Gen Win for Your Business

Here are 10 things you need to know to get your business buzzing and leads coming in with a mobile-friendly Facebook Messenger chatbot.

1. Chatbots are a top-performing lead gen tool.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and convenient lead generation tool, it’s almost impossible to beat a chatbot. Not only can they give potential customers access to the information they want, but so much more.

Chatbots can book appointments. You can drive more event sign-ups with chatbots.

You can qualify leads and follow-up at the right intervals based on each audience type. That’s amazing technology. Check out what you can do with forms using chatbots:

<iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/302873357″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Since chatbots are fully customizable, they’re ideal for using free events, download offers, or getting more webinar signups — opportunities to engage with customers by offering them something of value through an automated process.

This allows you to collect the information you need from prospective clients with ease, usher them into your sales funnel with grace, and speed up the buying process.

2. Chatbots do cost-saving customer service.

When your clients need support, they need it immediately. Any delays in replies only breed frustration, and most customers aren’t happy having to wait hours, days, or longer for answers to what they perceive as simple questions.

With a chatbot on your website answering FAQs, you can give your visitors instant responses. You can organize your companies FAQs into the program, allowing customers to get immediate answers.

The process is engaging, interactive, and informative, making an ideal addition for your conversion journey.

Plus, since the system is automated, you save a ton. You can reduce staffing costs and certain operational expenses, like the number of available incoming phone lines.

And, if a customer requires more support, the chat can pass them to a live operator automatically, ensuring prospective clients can always get the help they need.

3. Improve Facebook ads performance with chatbots – 100% conversion rate and 95% reduction of CPA.

Today, it’s all about engagement. Traditional “traffic ads” just aren’t going to cut it, and they can be incredibly expensive.

In many cases, traffic ads only convert at around 2 percent. Who wants to spend their money on such a small return?

Using Facebook ads with a Messenger chatbot, your conversion rate is a stunning 100 percent – every conversation is a captured lead.

Every time someone clicks on your ad and replies to your bot, you get their contact information and can message them back on Facebook Messenger.

There’s no lower cost per acquisition around and the user experience is always mobile-friendly. Learn more about how to run Facebook Messenger ads for 2019.

4. Facebook Messenger chat blasts outperform email open rates and organic social media engagement.

On average, an email blast has an open rate between 10 and 15 percent. While that isn’t terrible, there is a better way.

With a Facebook Messenger chat blast, you achieve 70 to 80 percent engagement, and that’s just in the first hour!

Overall, you can get 10x the open rate in comparison to email, making them exceptionally more effective for sending bulk content that is interactive, engaging, and packed full of information that can turn your contacts into buying customers.

5. Get more and better customer intel by executing customer surveys with chatbots.

Have you been relying on email surveys for customer information? If so, you are traveling down the feedback road on a donkey.

Not only are email surveys long, but they also tend to be incredibly clunky on mobile.

Plus, spam filters can keep them from arriving, and some people simply ignore the requests, leading to low response rates.

And, to make it worse, the data is almost always anonymous, which isn’t as helpful.

Distribute your surveys with chatbots to get higher-quality intel and higher engagement. They are always mobile-friendly, quick and easy to complete, and associated directly with a customer profile.

6. Facebook Messenger chatbots are highly personalized.

When you use a chatbot through Messenger, you have the ability to personalize the experience.

Referring to potential customers by name, mentioning emails and phone numbers, and designing funnels that are hyper-relevant to previous interactions are ways to make your contacts feel like you are speaking directly to them.

7. Chatbot drip campaigns send automated sequences that nurture leads.

When it comes to promoting engagement, drip campaigns are magical, friendly unicorns filled to the brim with communication bliss.

Thanks to the higher open rates and interactive, mobile-friendly format, you achieve engagement rates that put email campaigns to shame, making it easier to keep the customer moving through your sales pipeline.

Welcome new customers, provide product training, support onboarding needs, ensure that everyone stays informed on new developments, and so much more with chatbot drip campaigns.

8. Mobile-friendly subscription messaging replaces your email newsletter.

Can you remember the last time you actually read an email newsletter? Most people can’t.

In a world where everyone’s email box is flooded with newsletters and ads, most people don’t give these messages the time of day, even if they have good information.

If you want to increase engagement, then a chatbot subscription messaging is what you need. They are mobile-friendly and chocked full of targeted content that speaks to a specific audience segment, improving overall performance.

9. Contact growth tools for your Messenger marketing bot are built into MobileMonkey.

It’s more than convenient that Facebook Messenger contact growth tools are part of MobileMonkey.

You have a plethora of options to get potential clients to interact with your chatbot, all of which give you the ability to expand your Messenger contact list and get people engaged with your sales funnel.

10. Create complex chatbots for Facebook Messenger’s 1.3 billion users without coding.

Are you intimidated by the idea of adding a chatbot because you don’t know how to code? Don’t be.

While you could certainly use programming skills to create one from scratch, visual chatbot builders allow you to get a robust chatbot without any coding experience at all. MobileMonkey is a free chatbot builder that never requires any coding.

Drag and drop widgets make building a chatbot easy for anyone. You can save time, money, and launch your chatbot fast.

Ultimately, chatbots are the mobile-friendly marketing unicorns that you’ll lean on more and more in 2019, bringing along growth in engagement rates and producing greater results.

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