How to impress on Instagram in 4 steps?

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Did you know that inspiration is the strongest motivator that can result in a purchase?

Surely you wish to increase the sales of your products or services. To achieve this, you must first build your Brand Awareness. One of the best ways to present it to a wider target group are Instagram ads.

Instagram is the largest social network, designed for visual contents only, where over 600 Million women and men regularly share important moments from their lives, look for inspiration for purchases, and discover new products of the brands present there.

Michael Kors was the first company to advertise on Instagram. Their first two ads resulted in a 370% increase of followers on this social network.

Compared to Facebook and other social networks, Instagram represents the perfect tool to reach a consumer group called the millennials, as  90% of its users are under 35. If your products are intended for this customer generation, it’s high time for you to advertise on Instagram.

It’s even more important that Instagram users are up to 120 times more willing to engage with brands than users of any other social network or channel, including e-mail, referrals and other paid traffic. Users who visit the website of a brand via Instagram, stay there for over three minutes on the average – a very good result.

If you ever saw Instagram, you know this is a social network focusing on visuals and aesthetics. The photos and videos are attractive and look like art, although their authors usually are not professional photographers. This is Instagram’s attraction – anyone can create their work of art that will attract attention and Likes!

With a little practice and simple photo processing tricks you can create ads that will impress your future customers.

Why advertise on Instagram?

• Instagram users are 58 times more than Facebook users, and 120 times more than Twitter users, willing to interact with brands.
• Ads have a 2.8 times higher recall rate than in other social networks.
• The competition of advertisers is smaller.
• Many precise targeting possibilities.


How to advertise on Instagram?

To help you make a good start with Instagram advertising, and especially to achieve the desired results, we provide a short guide below, with 4 steps to create your first Instagram ads.

How to advertise on Instagram?

1. Prepare the strategy and define the advertising targets.
2. Create a Facebook page.
3. Enter data on your customers.
4. Promote your services and company with Instagram ads.

1. Prepare the strategy and define the advertising targets.

First, answer these questions:

• What do you wish to accomplish with your Instagram ads? (for example: boost sales, raise brand awareness, present a new product)
• Which users do you wish to address?
• When do you wish to achieve your targets?

This is enough to begin preparing an advertising strategy that should be based on measurable items. This is the only way to monitor and optimize the ads, and especially to evaluate them from the aspect of meeting the targets.

2. Create a Facebook Page.

Yes, you read correctly. You need a Facebook Page to advertise on Instagram. This is the prerequisite to create an advertising account that can be used to advertise on Facebook and on Instagram. To create organic (unpaid) posts, you must create an Instagram profile; this can be done in the free mobile Instagram application.

3. Analyze data on your customers.

To be able to reach your target group with your ads and address it in the right way, you should know as much as possible about it. To see demographic and location data and response statistics from your fans, use the Facebook Insights tool; soon the same data will be available to Instagram users too (Instagram Insights). Many useful data about your potential and existing customers are available also with the Google Analytics tool which allows for a very detailed and in-depth insight into the characteristics of visitors of your webpage.

To display your ads to the right users, ask yourself:

• To which age group do your customers belong?
• Are your customers only women, or men?
• Where do they come from? Are your products available all over the country, or in some places only?
• What are their interests? What do they usually do online?

 4. Promote your services and company with Instagram ads.

Now that you know what you wish to achieve with your Instagram ads, and for whom they are intended; the next question is: how to achieve this? Instagram ads should be prepared in accordance with the desired purchase phase of the target group, and can have the following goals:

• website visits,
• encourage conversions on a website,
• video views,
• encourage the installation and use of mobile applications,
• increase the brand awareness, and
• present the location of a shop or company, with directions.

Your products or brand can be presented by means of classical image ads (one image), carousels and videos of up to 60 seconds. As characteristic for Instagram, the ads should be aesthetically perfected; adhere to the principle of “less is more”, and be “short and sweet” in communication. Use #hashtags. And especially, be unique and creative.

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