What makes inOrbit unique?

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Tjaša Potočnik

inOrbit began as a small series of educational events consisting largely of local speakers. Thanks to the big enthusiasm of the people involved it quickly outgrew the small lecture hall circuit and became the biggest digital marketing event in the region.

This year we’re going back to last year’s venue and keeping those parts of the conference people particularly liked. The rest we’ve thrown out, redesigned, and added some new things as well. We guarantee you’ll be part of a unique experience, with:


Valuable tips & tricks

What works and what doesn’t work is all on the table. 24+ great speakers will give you all the helpful tips & tricks to make sure you’re doing it right. We’ll make sure you get some one-on-one time with our speakers and have plenty of networking opportunities.

Come with questions, leave with answers.


Networking opportunites

There’s no substitution for meeting someone IRL (in real life), no matter how much contact or engagement you may have on social media.

Come and share your knowledge and experiences. We challenge you to move around, to change your seat after the breaks in order to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Take a stroll in the beautiful park around the venue, ride a bike, or gather your friends around a game of table-soccer!


Full access to downloadable materials for every session

InOrbit 2017 will cover a wide range of topics aimed at providing both strategic knowledge and in-depth tips and tricks about specific marketing approaches.

Missed a session – no worries! You’ll have full download access to all conference materials, so you can keep on learning long after the conference winds up.




In close connection with the surrounding natural environment, The Brdo Congress Centre joined the other fine buildings on the Brdo Estate in 2007. Built for the Slovenian EU Presidency, the Centre hosted the main sessions and provided the entire infrastructure and services required for such high-level meetings.



Party time

This year is a very special year for Red Orbit – because we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary. That’s why the party will go half way to the moon, located in Sputnik, LJ, & we’re more than happy to invite you to be a part of it! Xequtifz (read as executives) will make sure the dance floor is full – and the welcome drink is on us.


Vacation opportunity

inOrbit 2017 takes place on 9 & 10 March 2017 (Thursday & Friday). If you’ve never come to Slovenia before, why not take advantage of the weekend and stay a little longer, explore some of the many hidden gems Slovenia has to offer.



Find out more, at: https://www.inorbit.si/program/.

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