Want to quickly grow your Instagram followers?

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Want to quickly grow your Instagram followers?
Discover the 11 steps to get more followers and grow the engagement of your profile.
Today I am detailing the steps that work to grow your profile in 2019.

It’s not happening to you only: since Instagram has changed the way you view posts in the newsfeed (once the posts were shown chronologically), the organic reach has changed a lot.
For some it has diminished, but for many it has increased.

Let’s see now how to create more engagement, get more visibility and more followers for your profile.

1. Grow the engagement to increase your followers: focus on quality content only.

If you want to grow your profile, you need to focus on engagement.
Engagement is the set of interactions (like, comments) you get through your content.
If your content (images, videos) is not interesting, appealing, beautiful, growing your engagement and followers will be a lot more difficult.
Instagram is a 100% “visual” social media: people want to discover new places and get inspired by watching videos and photos that tell fascinating stories.
Instagram is a great “place” to escape from our routine, to discover new people and brands and to experience places where we’ve never gone.
Think about the profiles you follow: why do you follow them? Now put yourself in your followers’ shoes: would you follow yourself?

The first rule to get more followers on Instagram is to post high quality content. Images and videos that make you want to add a like and follow the profile that posted them.

If you grow the engagement, you also increase the popularity of your profile.


If you don’t know what to post, take inspiration from these awesome profiles:
Made By Helga
Creative Minimalism
Pablo Rochat (stories)
The Bali Guru

Posting poor quality images or videos, will not only allow you to grow: it slows your profile’s growth. Crappy content will worsen your engagement rate (the relationship between the followers you have and the reactions you get) and make it more difficult to get more followers.

I often talk about this in my new Instagram course: do not focus on the tools, techniques, how to use the Stim or Jarvee or other bots to automate your profile … first of all, think about the quality of your content. If the photos you publish are trivial, why should anyone follow you?

@cratecafe – our favorite coffee in Bali!

Invest in photoshoots: create original content with a good photographer.

Organize styled shoots and show your products in different contexts – for example, you could make seasonal shootings (summer / winter / fall), or take photos of your products in the same contexts loved by your customers.

2. Post regularly: what is the best frequency and the best time to post on Instagram?

Better to post regularly than too often or too rarely. By being consistent your followers will see you regularly in their feeds. For example, post every day at the same time the same type of content.

Sticking to a routine will help your engagement and increase the visibility of your profile (thus making it easier to get followers).

3. Use Instagram stories creatively

The use of stories is very important because stories give you a lot of visibility.

You must have noticed: every time you open the app on your smartphone, you see stories of the profiles you follow just below the header of the app. Once your followers start viewing your stories regularly, your profile icon will stick to the top of the app.

By constantly posting interesting stories for your followers you will help your profile to stay always at the top (literally)!

You can also have fun creating sequences, such as the talented art director Pablo RochatPablo.

I also suggest using the “highlight story” feature which will make your story “permanent” on your profile. This way they can be used as menus – see this example of a profile I managed Zebra Dream.

4. Post to Instagram at the right time, which is, when your followers are online.

Often during my Instagram courses attendees ask me what are the best times to post on Instagram. The best time is not a written rule, typically it depends on when your followers are online.

If you have a profile linked to a Facebook page (hence a “business” profile), you also have access to the insights of your Instagram profile, directly in the app.

Try to post when your followers are online.

If you don’t have a business profile you can use external services, such as Iconosquare. By posting when your followers are online you have more chances to reach more people.

5. How to get reposted by Instagram (find and interact with people who work at Instagram).

This is a hack that alone deserves to be shared!

This is a tip that can give a decisive boost to your profile, resulting in thousands of followers in just a few hours! The examples you will see below are two real cases of people who have applied this hack and have been reposted and published on the official Instagram blog.

Our Webing Academy coach Francesco is the one who first did it and generously shared it with us and our community.

Ready? Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Linkedin and post: 1 article with your best photos you posted on Instagram, enter the word “Instagram” in the title of the post and write some anecdote of the photos. For example, “My life on Instagram”
  • Post 3 updates (add a photo for each post and the correlation with “Instagram”)
  • Now search for people who work at Instagram
  • Visit all the profiles you find (manually or with a bot): they will receive a notification of your visit on Linkedin. In most cases, they will return the visit as they want to see who has visited them. When they visit your profile, they will also see the 3 updates + the article you wrote and – if the photos are interesting and if you added a link to your Instagram profile – they might also visit it. In short, you are creating awareness for your profile.
  • Now, open Instagram and search for the profiles you found on Linkedin: follow them and add some likes / relevant comments on their photos (so they get more notifications). Start building your “relationship” with them.

6. Find your best followers

To find the best followers, head to your competitors’ (or similar) profiles.

So, first visit their profiles and click on the blue arrow to expand more similar profiles (these are recommended by Instagram). Start interacting with their followers by following them, liking their content and adding comments.

Everytime you interact with posts, you create awareness throught notifications. In most cases, people will visit your profile and eventually follow you back.

7. Tag your photos where your followers go.

Many Instagram users, especially the most assiduous, add a location to their posts. By adding the same locations to your photos, your posts will be listed together with all the others.

Also add locations to your stories to get more views. Getting maximum visibility is an indispensable ingredient to increase the number of followers!

8. Select different sets of hashtags for your posts.

Hashtags make photos more visible and help users find the content they are looking for. Moreover, by using hashtags and getting many reactions quickly, your content may end up in the “top posts”: this will get you many followers quickly.

It is important to use different combinations of hashtags, for several reasons:

  • First of all, to avoid the “shadowban”
  • By trying different combinations you understand what are the best hashtags (= those that bring you more engagement, reactions and followers)
  • Because it doesn’t make sense to add #newyork if your photo is about #london

Make sure you DON’T use spam hashtags: e.g. #follow4follow, #like4like and similar.

9. Use more than one Instagram profile and… mention yourself

Another “trick” practiced by the most “on-the-spot” Instagramers is to use more than one profile to mention the main one. They are the so-called shout-outs:

  • I mention my profile in a post on another similar profile that I manage
  • I mention my profile on a post of a similar profile
  • Add mentions in sponsored posts 🙂 (to be used carefully!)

10. Instagram bots: automate everything!

Instagram Bots are particularly useful if you want to take your profile to the next level. You can automate likes/follows/comments/messages and other actions without touching your smartphone.

Disclaimer: it is important to keep in mind that the use of the Bots is absolutely forbidden by the terms and conditions of Instagram and your profile might be blocked or banned temporarily or permanently. Use bots at your own risk!

What are the best bots for Instagram?

Until a few months ago, the best bots were MassPlanner and Instagress. Both were shut down by Instagram. MP was a software tool that needed to be installed on a Windows PC or server. Instagress was an easy to use online software used by thousands.

Currently the best ones are:

Jarvee: the best bot at the moment in my opinion. Similar to MP, this needs to be installed on a Windows server. With Jarvee you have access to “maniacal” settings, something you can’t find on other SaaS tools.

Instazood: A very feature-rich bot, albeit a little expensive and not very up to date.

Stim: highly appreciated by many users, quite complete and sophisticated. Simple to use, Stim also gives you the option to see which profiles got you more followers. Stim is the best bot if you don’t want to install any software.

11. Last but not least: follow my Instagram course

The last tip is obviously… the most important! Access my course to learn how to get up to 10k per month on autopilot.

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