What did you miss at this year’s #inOrbit17?

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Tjaša Potočnik

2017 was one of the most important years for Red Orbit. There are several reasons for our joy and gratitude (Andraž recently wrote about one of them, #halfwaytothemoon), and one of them is definitely this year’s #inOrbit17!

 The entire project was super fun and informative for all of us in the team. We did our best to bring TOP speakers who would deliver contents that were more than informative – maybe a tiny kick in the ass. For all of us.  We did our best to provide you with as many useful tips for your business as possible. 

 We believe that:

  • Larry Kim with his unicorns was convincing enough to make you change your search engine optimisation (SEO),
  • Subir Majumdar demonstrated in a sufficiently plastic way how important mobile platforms and the loading speed of your webpage are,
  • Ashley Friedlein listed quite some excellent reasons for you to organise your team to function as one. You know the problem is not that we people from digital marketing lack creativity – we just prefer figures and high results.
  • Anders Hjorth justified all the reasons why to establish a sort of loving relationship with the custom audience,
  • Marie Pollie superbly pointed out all possible errors that cause poor results in your conversions,
  • and the conference in general justified all reasons you had to register. We hope we managed to provide you with the highest possible momentum, power and fresh ideas!

In two days, we:

  • made over 100 super photos in the Photo Trailer, and during the breaks we managed to climb Triglav together.
  • Created over 200 different profiles in our InOrbit17 application, and published over 200 posts and over 300 photos. The three most active users jointly collected over 4500 points – congratulations once again!
  • On Twitter we posted over 3500 tweats with #inOrbit17 (on both days we were the top and most tweated topic with this hashtag!)

And of course, without you, the participants, this year’s InOrbit wouldn’t be what it is – the largest digital marketing conference in our region. Thanks for the excellent participation. Each of you contributed your own mark, and filled the conference hall and all events on both days with positive energy. Thanks to all speakers, for the new ideas, the trends they have shown, and for the motivation for the future.

#inOrbit is the work of the entire Red Orbit team, which is backed by courage, pride and daily tears of laughter. So, in the end, thanks to all who were in this year in any way part of this team! #youaresocool

 All photos will be posted on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inOrbitConference/.

 As our Andraž likes to say – “important is, what is coming. And we ain’t gonna stand still.”

 See you next year at #InOrbit18, it will be even bigger and better than this year!

And just to stay in trend, we send you this panda greeting 🙂


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