Thursday, 5. November 2020 • Online

Local Search Engine Optimization: Why and How to Do It?

Nearly half of all searches on Google have a local intent, and those users searching for specific business suggestions or services based on location are the ones who are just about to make a purchase decision. So why haven't you started optimizing for local searches yet? Join us for a webinar where we will take you through the most important steps of Local SEO! You learn how to rank higher on Google, increase store visits, and grow your business!

Local SEO is the only type of optimization that gives you search engine visibility and that brings customers to your store even if they didn’t visit your website at all. It is a necessity for every business with a physical location (regardless of the size of the company), as the goal of optimization for local searches is not only to raise visibility among searchers and ensure higher rankings but also to make sure that the information users come across in search is reliable and accurate. This means that if you don’t start optimizing your business for local searches, you will lose a lot of potential customers to your competitors.

Local Search Engine Optimization: Why and How to Do It?
Event happened on the 11/05/20.

About the event

What will we do?

When a user enters a local query in a search engine, Google usually presents the most relevant results above the classic organic results. These are the 3 business listings that are attached to the Google map (i.e. local pack or map pack).

So if you have a store, restaurant, salon, or service tied to a specific place, your goal should be to appear among that three listings, as they provide maximum search engine visibility and generate at least 33% of all clicks on the first page of hits.

At the webinar, we will answer the most important Local SEO questions and teach you how to get your ranks higher. You will learn about smart SEO tricks for a winning Local SEO strategy. The theoretical part will be followed by hands-on examples, which you will be able to include in your work immediately after the webinar.

About the seminar

What will you learn?

  • What is local SEO?
  • How to technically optimize a website and where to start?
  • How can local SEO improve your online visibility?
  • Why is local SEO essential for your business?
  • How can local SEO change your business and increase conversions?
  • How do I rank my business in the Google Map pack?
  • Why is it important for your website to be mobile-friendly?
  • How do I optimize my Google My Business profile?
  • Concrete examples for optimizing your Google My Bussines profile
  • How to do keyword research and take care of on-site optimization?
  • How to get local mentions and get backlinks?

Where & when


5. November 2020, 14:00 - 15:00


The event will take place on November 5, 2020, from 14:00 to 14:45 (CET).

The lecture is going to be followed by Q&A (Questions & Answers) - so there will be plenty of time for your questions. You will have a great opportunity to ask Maja anything you need to know about Local SEO strategy.